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London Damp Specialists offer expert damp proofing, cellar and basement tanking as waterproofing company in London.
London homes in particular have many types of cellars and basements depending upon their location and use.

Daylight basement

Is located on a slope, where part of the floor is above ground with a door to the outside. Part of the floor lower than the ground level is the true basement space and attached with ventilated windows to prevent damp problems.

Look-out basement

Is constructed even on a flat area where the basement walls extend above the ground level with the windows above grade.

Walk-up basement

Is one that has exterior entrance through a stairwell with basement doors to prevent rainwater from accumulating it.

A Fully underground cellar

Is a room below ground level in a house which is used for storing wine or household items. It has to remain at constant cooling with small forms of ventilation.

Underground crawl space

Is a type of basement where one cannot stand upright but crawl on the soil below. It is mainly used for storage and rat-proofing purposes.

Water Proofing Company London

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Which Basement or Cellar Tanking System?

All cellar tanking and basement waterproofing systems are created by removing of all damaged plasterwork and damaged masonry, stripping your basement back to its original building material. Then the foundation layer is cleaned and prepared for the tanking process.

London Damp Specialists offers a choice of two cellar / basement waterproofing systems:

  • Cavity drainage sump and pump system
  • Tanking and rendering system

Cavity Drainage Sump And Pump

If a waterproof barrier (tanking and rendering system) is unlikely to keep your cellar dry, then cavity drainage systems is the most robust solution as it allow water to penetrate in a strictly managed and controlled way.

Textured membrane is fitted to the basement’s walls, floor and ceiling then the entire construction covered with specialist plasterboard, insulation and screed. A hidden pump is installed to manage and direct water out of the system into the normal water table or waste water source.

Cavity drainage systems will leave you with a completely dry inner room which you can finish and decorate exactly as you please from kitchens, bathrooms, studies, bedrooms, lounge and snugs. This amazing system means the cavity drainage approach gives you excellent results and is simple to maintain and repair.

No matter the condition of your basement here at London Damp Specialists we of waterproof basements in in manner of homes.

Basement Tanking and rendering system

Cementitious tanking slurry is an easy to use, highly effective tanking method. As a cement-based powder which, when applied to the walls, ceiling and floor will then bond with the underlying surface to give a waterproof barrier. We then finished off the tanking with a specialist plaster to complete waterproofing.
A cemented multi-coat render system has a high performance in resisting the water seepage through the decayed wall or mortar joints. It is designed for applying directly to the brickwork that is uneven and has high level of moisture. The render also has an adhesive coat that sticks to the cracks resulting in good texture. Cemented multi-coat render applied on the external wall acts as weather resistant repelling damp infestations and growth of moulds and suitable for most types of brickwork or block work.

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